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Extensions are small add-ons that add new functionality to Interlink, from a simple toolbar button to a completely new feature. They allow you to customize the application to fit your own needs and preferences, while letting us keep the core itself light and lean.

About Add-ons [External]
Adds an About button to extensions, themes, and languages in the Add-ons list.
Bootstrapped adblocking is yesterday!
A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.
Bamboo Feed Reader
Feed reader | RSS - ATOM - OPML
Timer/Clock/Alarm add-on for XUL applications.
Classic Password Editor
Adds the ability to create and edit entries in the password manager.
Classic Toolbar Buttons (Palemoon)
Classic toolbar button style for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey toolbars and other tweaks and settings.
Clickity Touch 'n Push
A counter, CPS test, and a limited typing test, all in one add-on
Adds icons to menus and buttons.
DOM Inspector
DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application.
Dorando keyconfig
Rebind your keys.
Helps create element hiding rules for the Adblock Family of extensions.
OpenPGP message encryption and authentication
Exif Viewer
Extracts and displays the Exif (Exchangeable Image File), IPTC-NAA/IIM (International Press Telecommunications Council / Newspaper Association of America / Information Interchange…
Extension Developer
A suite of tools for extension developers.
Extension Preferences Menu
Allows you to open your extensions' preferences dialogs from the AppMenu or the Tools menu, or you can use the custom toolbar button.
ExtExp [External]
Places an Export Button on each extension and theme in your Add-ons Manager.
Adds the ability to take a screenshot of the page, edit it and save, copy to clipboard, send to external editor or e-mail it.
FoxClocks shows times around the world - or just your local time - at the bottom of your browser. It deals with daylight saving time so you don't have to.
FoxyProxy Basic
Premier proxy management for Firefox
FoxyProxy Standard
Premier proxy management for Firefox
Replaces built-in notifications with the OS native notifications. It works on Linux and Windows 10.
Shows whether the application is running with Administrator privileges.
Hide windows and use the notification icon to get them back!
Master Password+
Various enhancements for built-in "Master Password" feature
Menu On Top
Moves the main menu bar to the Top and adds Style.
Make your add-on manager all minimalistic and compact.
NewScrollbars (aka NoiaScrollbars)
Improves scrollbar appearance using various customizations and tweaks.
A quick and easy multi-tab note taking solution.
Periodic Table of XUL Elements
A collection of XUL demos.
Quickly generate mail filters on the fly, by dragging and dropping mails and analyzing their attributes.
Bookmark your favorite mail folders in Thunderbird.
Quickly login and get Passwords into the clipboard. Never display them anymore!
Adds a splash screen on startup while you wait.
SQLite Admin
Manage any SQLite database on your computer
Restyle the web with Stylem, a user styles manager.
Custom additions to Stylish extension.
Theme Tweaker
Instantly changes the font family, font size, font color, font style and background color of main interface for Pale Moon and other Mozilla-like applications.
Thin Tabs
Ability to customize the bookmarks bar.
Toolbox Plus
Provides more customization options for toolbars.
Track Package [External]
Track Packages from the right-click menu.
Zombie Keys
Bring dead keys to life: accented letters made easy!